berlin – spree park

Due to popular demand from people here’s my picks from Spree Park. On my last day in Berlin, my art school buddy, Ed, took me on a bike tour around Kreuzberg area and beyond. I had been told about this place and even seen it in the movie Hanna , and in my current desire to see modernity in decay it was a must-see. The park was a GDR themepark, and was the only constant amusement park in East Berlin. However due to financial problems and a drug deal gone wrong it closed its gates in 2002. You can read the history of the park here. In the ten years it has been shut it has fallen to rack and ruin, an OHS nightmare and a Hipstamatic user’s wet dream. I had been warned about the security guards, and even though it is open to the public on Sundays I didn’t have a Sunday left so we needed to jump the fence.

I think the photos below tell the story but once you get over the fear of being busted by security, it is then the true creepiness of the place can really sink in. It was a place of absoute stillness – much like Canberra on a sunday afternoon, and the only sound you could hear was the eerie creaking of the ferris wheel. The design of the rides is pretty unique too – cute, meets scary meets dinosaurs. You can imagine how stoked I was to see a decaying haunted viking ship there. There was heaps more to the park to see but i had other GDR ruins to see and a practically named german beer to drink. Enjoy, and if you’re in Berlin, cycle round the lake and jump the fence. Here’s instructions on how to get there.

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